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Hotel Intro
Mr. Du Cao
Vice-President of Changan Automobile academy
Mr. Junshi Zhang
Vice Chief Engineer of Sinopec Group
Stefan Moebs
The General Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany in Shanghai
Jean-Claude Steinmetz
Vice-President of Rhodia ,Chairman of APIMC
Guillaume Desurmont
Asia-Pacific General Manager, ARKEMA
Mr. Zhi-qiang Fan
Department of Polymer Science /Engineering, Zhejiang University
Mr. Qiang Liu
Deputy Chief Engineer of Geely Automobile
Mr. Ruilin Tang
Vice Chief Engineer,
Mr.Dongning Chu
Professional Senior Engineer
Mr. Liqun Zhang
Professor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Mr.Yonghe Huang
Chief Engineer
Mr.Haisong Ma
FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd
Mr.Kejian Wang
President of CH Auto Technology Corporation Ltd
Mr. Xiangrong Zhu
Zhejiang Youth Lotus Passenger Car Group Co., LTD Minister of Interior And Exterior Trim/ Director APIMC
Ms.Yamei Tian
China Auto Parts Industry Company Vice President
Mr. Zhaozhong Jiang
Jiangsu Provincial Institute Of Silicate Glass Fiber Glass Steel Professional Committee Chairman
Dr. Karsten Brast
General Manager of Ningbo HuaXiang Automotive Research and Development Co. Ltd.
Mr.Yan Gao
Vice President of Beiqi Futian Motor Company Limited Engineering Research Institute
Mr. Xuedai Li
DSM engineering plastics Asia Pacific PA6 polymers
Mr. Jie Yang
Vice President of Great Wall Motor Company Auto Materials Engineering Research Institute
Prof. Muhuo Yu
Chief scientist of National Basic research program(973) and Vice-director of State Key Lab for Fiber and Polymer Materials(Donghua University)
Mr. Weijian Sun
Chief Engineer of Chery Automobile Co. Ltd.
Jinyong Dong Ph. D.
Professor of polymer science with the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Mr. Yufei Zhou
Director of Technology Center, China FAW
Dr. Wang Hongyan
Professor of School of Automotive Studies of Tongji University
Professor Ping Zhu
Shanghai Jiaotong University
Mr. Probir Guha
Senior vice President of the United States
Dr. Naiyi Li
Chief Engineer of Chery Automobile Company
Mr. Qiong Wang
GM of Faurecia China
The 9th China International Auto Lightweight Plastics and Innovative Materials Development Forum