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The 3rd Sino-EU International Solar PV Industrial development Forum
Advocate Green new energy, promote photovoltaic innovation and sustainable development, solve the global climates change.
---------The 3rd Sino-EU International Solar PV Industrial Development Forum has been successfully held in Shanghai.
The 3rd Sino-EU International Solar PV Industrial Development Forum has been successfully held on Aug. 25th-26th,2011 at Sheraton Hongqiao Hotel, more than 200 top leaders and experts from EU, USA, Japan and Asian Solar PV industry, such as The space energy group, EDF, ENEL, Q-CELLS, Centrotherm Photovoltaic, HIS Isuppli, Moser Baer, Roth&Rau, GT solar, DC Chemical, Shanghai Power, Suntech, Hanwha SolarOne, JA Solar, Canadian Solar, QS solar, ENN Solar, Chint Solar, Skysolar, ET Solar, Applied Materials, JACO, Oerlikon, Best Solar, Jetion Solar, Topsola, Hareon Solar, Huadian, China Power Investment Corporation, SSGC, Smart Grid Institute, Dongfang Electric Corporation, Siemens, Dupont, Wacker Chemical, HERMETIC, Philips, ICEC, EPIA, KSNRE, E-CONET China, EU Delegation China, CAS, Shanghai Jiaotong University, School of Photovoltaic Engineering Nanchang University, TOHUKU university, EuPD Reserch, EDB, YUKUN New Energy Investment Co., Ltd, GERMAN Consulate in Shanghai, French Consulate in Shanghai, Sweden Consulate in Shanghai, Finland Consulate in Shanghai, British Consulate in Shanghai and etc, the forum focus on the topic of global green energy technology innovation and sustainable development, discuss deeply the solution for solar green power sustainable development and what’s the Sino EU photovoltaic system integrators, Power generation equipment manufacturers and network operators?
During the meeting, Ben Ighani, Executive Director of SENEC read the words of “Global clean energy cooperation declaration”. More then 30 representatives attend the ceremony of this declaration, such as Stefan Moebs, Deputy Consul of Germany Consulate in Shanghai, Dr. Murray Cameron, Director of EPIA, Stephan Tennsel, CEO of the Space Energy, Dr. G. Rajeswaran, CEO of Moser Baer, Dr. Peng Fang, CEO of JA Solar, Henning Schulze, Managing director of Q-Cells China, Dr. Andreas Widl, CEO of Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum/VP of SENEC, Dr. Gau, Exective president of BEST Solar, Dr. Josef Hasse, CEO module and cells of Centrotherm, Thomas Hengst, CSO of Roth&Rau, Anand Janaswamy, director of Hanwha SolarOne, Qifang Yuan, Senior VP of Chint Solar, Michelle LE-MENN, Senior research engineer of EDF France, Jiancao Yu, CEO of ENN, Xiaolin Sha, president of QS Solar, Walt Cheng, Global Business Director, Microcircuit Materials, DuPont Electronics & Communications, Albert Yin, VP of SECMA, they together perform “Global clean energy cooperation declaration”, which tenet is that Advocate new green energy, promote clean energy development and application, push global solar power sustainable development for facing climates change.
The large needs of global photovoltaic terminal market, which promote the development promptly for international solar power generation market. With the rapid development of global green energy revolution, Create international clean energy cooperation platform, promote zero-carbon technology and sustained economic growth, achieve sustainable development of new green energy industry. Build a global sustainable energy security, stability, technology system of clean modern clean energy industry, promote
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Dr. Murray Cameron
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 Dr.XU Feng
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