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The 6th International Chemical Manufacturers Summit
Topic: Global low carbon revolution-New Materials and Specialty Chemicals Innovation and Win-win Development The 6th International Chemical Manufacturers Summit, organized by Sino-EU Chemical Manufacturers Association (SECMA), will be held on Nov. 24th-25th, 2010 in Rainbow Hotel Shanghai of China. At that time, more than 300 global Chemical manufacturers, industrial investors and the top leading financial experts from Europe, USA, Japan and Asian in this field will gather together in Shanghai, Guests will focus on renewable energy materials, nano-composite materials, high-end nano materials, advanced composite materials, innovative materials, specialty chemicals, bio-plastics, bio-technology, new environmental protection industry and other hot spots in the field to discuss the global manufacturing industry the new environment and new materials and specialty chemicals industry, innovation, optimizing the chemical manufacturing industry profits, low-carbon technologies and sustainable development. This forum will be composed of CEO Summit, EU-China new materials investment summit, International Green Coatings Industry Development Forum and International Auto Plastics and Innovative Materials Development Forum, it’s the world’s top high-level dialogue summit for global Chemical manufacturing industry.

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Mr Francois Blanc


Dr. Gang Duan

Dr.Kai Pflug.CEO.ofmc-chemcals

Mr Tian Zhongfa

Jean-Claude Steinmetz


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The 6th International Chemical Manufacturers Summit