About SENEC  
SENEC Constitution  
SENEC Activities  
Executive Council

Chapter One General Principles of SENEC■■
1st Item: About SENEC
Sino-EU Chemical Manufacturers Association New Energy Committee(SENEC in abbreviation),it is New Energy Industrial Association which has been organized by UNIDO, European Commission and SECMA,it is composed of the well-known enterprises, institutions for higher learning, Academy who engaged in Solar PV Cells, PV Modules, PV Engineering, Solar Silicon Materials, Silicon Chip, Silicon Ingot, PV Equipment, PV Products and so on. The standpoint of Committee always keep in accordance with Association, so that our members can obtain the most professional innovation service, meanwhile, which promote our organization more powerful, it is a non-profit international organization to perform the rights of New Energy Industry on behalf of SENEC.  SENEC has organized two fantastic PV Activities, which has obtained an industry-wide attention.
2nd Item: Our goals
As the International organization (SENEC) on behalf of the rights of New Energy Industry, our goal is to propose the green innovation of New Energy Industry, promote the PV Industrial cooperation and renewable development so that benefit for our members.
We SENEC hereby as the partner of Chinese government to drive and promote the development of green energy industry together, which provide a very wonderful production and trade environment
3rd Item: Our services
SENEC will provide a series of convenient services for Solar PV Manufacturers, such as the green manufacturing standard of New Energy Industry, production criterion, Industrial innovation, Technical communication, International cooperation, Industrial chain and etc.
4th Item Sino-EU Chemical Manufacturers Association New Energy Committee accept the business instruction and supervision of SECMA, UNIDO, European Commission and National Science and Technology Ministry.
5th Item Sino-EU Chemical Manufacturers Association New Energy Committee has registered in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region China, it is International Green Energy Development promotion and Low Carbon Economy, Trade and Industry executive body. Our members come from the concerned about the field of solar energy photovoltaic industry affairs of the well-known enterprises, Institution of high learning, Research Institute all over the world who engaged in Solar PV Cells, PV Module, PV Engineering, Solar Power Silicon Materials, Silicon Chop, Silicon Ingot, PV Equipment, PV Production, it is non-profit international association organization.
Chapter Two  Organization■■
6th Item SENEC has found four honorary presidents (the foreign two and the Chinese two), Two round presidents (3-year term), Vice-Chairman for some, set up Co-seat system.
7th Item SENEC found the executive council and director for some; One Secretary General,Vice-Secretary general for some.
8th Item SENEC has found Secretariat, who will mastermind the routine work under the instruction of president/chairman/vice-president/vice-chairman.

Chapter Three Responsibility of member■■
9th Item
Executive Council of SENEC will get the rights to vote in chairman/vice-chairman, supervise the executive council Secretariat and Technical adviser Committee day-to-day work duties;
10th Item The executive representatives of SENEC will be responsible for actively cooperating with organization, participating in all kinds of activities which be held by association;
11th Item SENEC Executive council representatives should recommend the new representative if he/she wants to withdraw from association, submitted by the Secretariat, as approved by the Executive Board effective.

Chapter Four  Qualification of member■■
12th Item SENEC set up Vice-president/Vice-chairman who is the head enterprise in this kind of field. The team of Vice-president/Vice-chairman is innovative and effective, he/she has engaged in the corresponding social duty and higher reputation in the industry.
13th Item SENEC Executive Council/Director should be the representatives of leading enterprises, remarkable and well-known enterprises.
14th Item SENEC Members should own fine management status and image integrity.
Chapter Five  Rights of member■■
15th Item SENEC member can take part in the large scale motive activities and all kinds of professional conferences/annual meeting according to the industrial international market diversification and suggestion of Executive Council;
16th Item Jointly safeguard the members of the field of welfare and the common interests of the industry,create a harmonious development of New Energy Industry;
17th Item SENEC Chairman / president fulfill the signing of the Executive Council with the Government and the major decision-making document;
18th Item SENEC Vice-Chairman/Vice-President can join in SENEC joint meeting and all kinds of SENEC activities, the strategy of association development, government green proclamation, high level decision-making interlocution, annual activities’ motive presentation, keystone propaganda;
19th Item SENEC Executive Council and director can participate in all kinds of annual conferences;
20th Item SENEC Chairman/President issue the duty certificate and association badge ritual to SENEC Vice-Chairman/Vice-President.
21st Item SENEC Secretariat will issue the certificate to Executive Council/Director/member.
Chapter Six  Obligation of member■■
22nd Item SENEC Member should comply with the chapter of association and the decision of executive council;
23rd Item SENEC Member should reflect the enterprises’ situation every year, fulfill enterprises’ report forms;
24th Item In order to ensure the benefits of Sino-EU Chemical Manufacturers and promote Sino-EU Chemical industrial development, SENEC Members should positively put forward recommendations and actions for sustainable development.