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On the announcement of the new executive director of the APIMC Mr. Zhongfu Luo

Mr. Zhongfu Luo
Vice Technology Director of Kingfa
Luo Zhongfu, male, Han nationality, CPC, Polymer Processing Engineering Master of Sichuan University, enjoy the State Council special allowance, Professor of Engineering, model workers of Guangzhou City, and now is Vice Technology Director of Kingfa.
Since joined in Kingfa in 2002, Luo has been engaged in automotive modified plastic product development and industrialization, with a more extensive research and development experience; responsible for the development of the "high-performance cars environmentally friendly polypropylene key technology development" project points awarded 2012 national Science and Technology progress Award, 2011 annual Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City Science and technology Award; total of 30 applications for invention patents, authorized 8; published 10 technical papers. Currently Luo CAAM also served as vice president of branch automotive-related industries, "Engineering Plastics Application" Editorial other social functions.
APIMC Executive Director(2013-2015)
Kingfa is the global leader of the advanced material industry and ranks the first in the Asian-Pacific Region. Depending on its scientific researches, manufacturing, sale and service of high-performance advanced materials, Kingfa is aiming to provide brand-new solutions of materials to create more safe, comfortable and convenient life and to further boost the continuing improvement of human's living conditions for a better life.
    Kingfa's headquarter is located in Guangzhou Science City with 15 subsidiaries in China and branch offices abroad such as in South Asia, North America and so on. Relying on independent innovation and exploration, our products include modified plastics, special type engineering plastics, fine chemical materials, biodegradable plastics, wooden-based materials, carbon fibers and its composite and so on. Our environmental-friendly and high performance materials are sold to more than 130 countries and regions and widely used to serve for more than 1000 famous enterprises around the world.
    Kingfa has devoted itself to solve the increasingly serious environmental problems faced by humans and taken the challenges from the changes in global living environment. Through coordination among economy, environment and society so as to realize sustainable development.