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APIMC Chairman/Solvay Vice-President Automotive and Transportation Markets Jean-Claude Steinmetz

APIMC Chairman/ Solvay Vice-President Automotive and Transportation Markets Jean-Claude Steinmetz at the association's office to guide the deployment of work and held the work conference
On the eve of the IALTA Innovation Summit (2013), IALTA Chairman/ Solvay Vice-President Automotive and Transportation Markets Jean-Claude Steinmetz came from France arrived in Shanghai, held on-site work meeting at the association office, deployed to guide the work on the afternoon of April 19th.
APIMC Asia-Pacific secretary-general Davy Chen to report the relevant work plan APIMC in 2013 to Jean-Claude Steinmetz, and the implementation of innovative technology and government communication and cooperation to promote the development of members, as well as the management of IALTA (China) Innovation Summit which will be held on 23rd.
APIMC Vice Chairman/ Deputy Academician of Chang’ an automotive/IALT Executive Chairman Mr. Du Cao also attend the conference. He focused on the related business and work plan for the next step of alliance, puts forward the future alliance focus and strategic development direction.
Jean-Claude Steinmetz highly appreciated the association in recent years in the automotive lightweight technology applications work, thanks APIMC team and adhere to the association work colleagues. He said, this is the first to the association office , he stressed that the association will continue to strengthen in 2013 material manufacturers, OEMs and spare parts, research institutes, universities and R & D collaboration between the exchanges, and strengthening the Chinese government, associations and cooperation among members together to promote automobile lightweight product development and innovative materials technology developments in the field, and help Chinese automobile lightweight technology applications, so that more members of the Association of the technical platform involved in open innovation services, and bring more benefits to members。
There are also other attendances,such as Associate Director of State Key Laboratory modification of fiber materials of Donghua University/IALTA Vice President, Prof. Muhuo Yu; China GM of ARKEMA, Jerome ALLANIC; AP Director of Solvay, Albert Huang; Director of APIMC Overseas Affairs, Maggie Yi; Director of APIMC China Affairs, Kelly Zhou; President Assistant, Lydia Liu.