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IALTA Executive Chairman, Mr. Du Cao met with Mr. Yuwu Fu, who is the Director of SAE-China

Deputy Academician of Chang’ an automotive/IALTA Executive Chairman, Mr. Du Cao and the AP Executive President of APIMC, Davy Chen met with the director of SAE-China, Mr. Yuwu Fu on May.29th .2013 at Shanghai Blue Palace Hotel (Shanghai Automobile Industry Activities Center). Both sides had in-depth exchanges of Chinese independent brand of automobile lightweight non-metallic parts development and material technology application, plastic parts key technology development and related supporting policy and so on. Davy Chen had conveyed to Mr. Yuwu Fu sincere greetings,which is from APIMC Chairman/ Solvay Vice-President Automotive and Transportation Markets Jean-Claude Steinmetz.
Mr. Du Cao focused on the importance of plastic parts development works on the automobile lightweight, and took a key material to the national report of Chang’ an automobile as an example. He also focused on the two point of Chang’ an, weight loss and Optimize the structure. He said, plastics and composite materials is the main focus, and expounds the plastics and composite materials made in the weight loss efforts. On the trend of development, we divided four steps: The first step, modified plastics (modified engineering plastics); The second step, the length of glass fiber composite materials in the application of structure and function on (an important step, and is the moving step for China); The third step, carbon fiber; The fourth step, plastic replace steel, which is a key development direction of lightweight. Elaborated the work of government and OEM for lightweight is not enough , indicating the need to achieve their goals, the main need OEM, parts, materials suppliers, research institutions together to form through industry alliances, and joint country's investment funds, such order to make a successful career development of lightweight implementation. If the lightweight technology mature used to car, weight can reduce 60%, the power system loss of 6 kg. Why China's independent brand cars without the use of sophisticated technology, of which there are national policies and regulations influence, as well as related industrial chain and technology research has not improved. He suggested that the first application of the technology has matured, and then by material suppliers to reduce costs, and finally realize the vehicle application. This is a newly emerging industry, and it can bring about the development of new technologies, and promote employment, is very beneficial to development of country and society. And the realization of it requires the state to lead and parties cooperation.
Davy Chen reported the advantages of APIMC members in the high performance materials research and application and the IALTA work in China to Director of SAE-China, Mr. Yuwu Fu.
Associate Director of State Key Laboratory modification of fiber materials of Donghua University/IALTA Vice President, Prof. Muhuo Yu introduced the” IALTA Automobile lightweight composite materials and structures research and development base” and carbon fiber composites in automotive lightweight applications development work and etc.
Mr. Yuwu Fu said, SAE-China have specialized experts and research group, for how cooperation in the field of carbon fiber technology, as well as what form cooperation, which requires further communication and research. We also hope to be able to play their respective advantages of the two associations, to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the development of key technology of the future automobile lightweight plastic parts!
There are also other attendances,such as AP Director of Solvay, Albert Huang, Director of EVONIK, Tony Ling, Vice Director of Bayer Material Technology, Mr. Ying Song, Vice Chief Engineer of Haima, Mr. Ruiling Tang, Director of APIMC Overseas Affairs, Maggie Yi, Director of APIMC China Affairs, Kelly Zhou, President Assistant, Lydia Liu and vice president of Auto Lightweight technology innovation strategic alliance of SAE-China ,Mr. Zhiwen Wang.
After the meeting, Davy Chen reported the alliance work and preparations of 2013 auto lightweight conference to IALTA Executive Chairman, Mr. Du Cao. And Mr. Du Cao proposed the work focus and direction of association and the alliance in future.
APIMC future will strengthen the applications of automotive lightweight materials technology innovative and green material innovation,as well as the member’s exchanges and the technology cooperation of industries chain. APIMC will bring more benefits to OEM, parts, plastic manufacturers and research institutes, also boosting the development of Chinese automobile lightweight.