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Mr. Zhijie Huang
General Manager of Zhejiang JUNER
Huang is a senior engineer, graduating from the major of chemical engineering in high polymers in Zhejiang University and is also a MBA master; identified as the specially invited expert of the first batch of China Plastics Industry Association Experts Committee, training candidate of Wenzhou “551 Talents Project” and “famous Wenzhou Master and expert”; was honored the award of “Technology and Science Progression Award of Zhejiang Province”, “National Excellent Entrepreneur of Privately Operated Enterprise in Petrifaction Industry”, “Special Wenzhou Government Allowance” and “Advanced Individual” of China Plastics Process Industry Association etc.
Social Responsibilities
Vice-chairman of the special committee of modified plastics of CPPIA
Vice-chairman of CEPIA
Vice-chairman of the special committee of engineering plastics of CPPIA
Vice-chairman of Zhejiang Plastics Industry Association
Standing director of Zhejiang Plastics Engineering Academy
Executive director of APIMC(2013~2015)
About Zhejiang JUNER
Since its establishment in 1995, Zhejiang Juner New Material Inc. has been devoting to the research, development and production of six series products like modified nylon, modified polycarbonate, modified polyester, modified polyolefin, special engineering plastics and thermoplastic elastomer, which are widely used in fields like automobiles, electrical appliances, electronics, communications, machinery and aviation etc. As a famous enterprise for the research, development and production of high-performance engineering plastics in China, Juner was honored several national and provincial awards successively like “key high and new tech enterprise of national Torch Plan”, “national high and new tech enterprise”, “famous trademark in Zhejiang Province” etc. And has become vice-chairman company of the special committee of modified plastics of China Plastic Industry Association as well as vice-chairman company of China Synthetic Resin Supply and Marketing Association.