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Auto Plastics and Innovative Materials committee of Sino-EU Chemical Manufacturers Association (APIMC in abbreviation) belongs to the branch industrial committee (alliance) of Sino-EU Chemical Manufacturers association. Our members are well known manufacturers, universities and reserch institutes of global plastics, materials, auto parts and motor factories. It is a non-profit international organization and perform its rights under SECMA. Our members can obtain more professional Innovation Service Provider , and also promote our organization more powerful. on behalf of SECMA it is a Industry Association of performing plastics and material manufacturers’ rights
Our Objects
On behalf of Industry Association of plastics and material manufacturers’ rights, APIMC aim at promoting plastics industry sustaining growth and prosperity of technology and economy, and providing the convenience for our members. And we have organized three International Auto Plastic and Innovative Materials Development Forum sucessfully, focusing on the plastic-trend of motor cars and innovative application of green technology. This has attracted wide attention  among the industry.
Scope of Services
We provide a series of quality service which include the criterion of green manufacture, product standard, industrial innovation, technological communication, international cooperation technology training, complete industrial chain, propaganda and so on ,and organize international conferences, review & Research, international exhibition and Abroad trips etc.

Dear Associates,
It is a real pleasure to join APIMC as chairman of the association.
My current responsibilities as VP automotive within the RHODIA group have given me the opportunity to come in contact with all major actors in the automotive industry.
Today, the increasing discussions on a sustainable environmental awareness has fundamentally changed the perception of the consumer.
While individual mobility is an essential societal driver, this mobility has to respond to the current and future technical, qualitative and legal requirements.
These prerequisites reinforce the need of the suppliers and in particular the chemical industry to cooperate closely with the automotive OEM’s and the Tiers 1’s to support and develop products and systems that contribute to the reduction of CO2 and generate a clean air environment.
Green tire technology is also a major contributor to CO2 reduction, a technology that has proven its performance in millions of tires globally.
Weight reduction through substitution of metal or systemic combination of plastics and metal is essential to reach the new targets of CO2 emissions.100kg of weight reduction are equivalent to 10gr/km of CO2.
Focus is also required to optimise the different energy sources of a car. Be it an internal combustion engine, an electrical battery driven engine or alternative energy sources, all are possible only through a chemical process at the basis. The challenges here are to offer efficient and clean systems to the power train experts.
The automotive industry is a growing industry for years to come.
APIMC is an excellent environment to promote, develop and support implementation of best in class ‘green’ technologies across the industry.
It is now that we have to propose the technologies for the cars of tomorrow.
APIMC Chairman